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Hilma Series

Embark upon a spiritual & divine voyage celebrating abstract art of the legendary artist, Hilma af Klint. The Series is a pure fantastical play of colours & textures for a spring time dream in shapes, silhouettes with prints that make the mind wonder & ponder over an inspiration that transcends human imagination.

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FLORAIN effortlessly blends demure blush hues adorned with embellished floral motifs and swirling chord accents

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PRIMORDI celebrates a serene lens of rejuvenating spring elements taken from the depths of the sea & botanics.

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MYSTERIQUE encapsulates the cosmic celebration of the obsidian hues across the universe, intertwining glinting elements into celestial allure.

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SPRINGLIE blends enigmatic cobalt tones with calligraphic motifs, juxtaposed against contrasting symbols.

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YOUNAIL celebrates striking colours & strokes featuring a melange of vibrant hues with glinting elements

“Discovering Hilma’s works at the Tate Modern during our London trip last summer was a pure joy - the play of colours & forms for the time was so ahead that it simply opened a new door of mysterious inspirations for print making”

– Narresh Kukreja

"Hilma’s works stand true to a world of modern art that celebrates motifs, symbolism & diagrams that came to life with abstraction on the artist’s canvas. A similar approach was adopted at our ateliers to create this Series where a copious amount of textural elements & motifs were created and decorated across ensembles that celebrate mystical fantasies!"

– Shivan Bhatiya